Playing with the Band at Christie’s

Autumn is in full swing again, my son’s football season is winding down, and it is time to play some gigs at Christie’s in Santa Rosa. Friday November 5th, from 5 to 8 pm is our first gig,so, we’ll see how it goes.We have a couple new songs to play, and we are excited about playing again.
Moving back to California was pretty tough on me. I really miss all the good friends we met in Springfield.I certainly miss walking out my back door to fish, that was a treat. It is also great to see our good friends in California of course, and it gives me an opportunity to start fresh with some new musical ideas, yet to be captured in the digital realm, and shared with you, my friends and followers on the internet. Thank you all so much for your comments over the last 2 years, which have been filled with many challenges! 2 moves and a remodel…. don’t try it. Praise the Lord! More to come…

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  1. Vlado Krempl says:

    Thanks for the update Chris.

    I wish I could attend your gig, but of course being in Australia may be a slight obstacle!
    What guitar will you be using? I remember a gorgeous gold top Gibson Les Paul you played on years ago, do you still have it?

    My six year old daughter (Tegan) fell off a trampoline during the school holidays. She’s doing fine, but is constantly screaming “my arm is itchy!” (because of the plaster cast) we’re getting there…

    Back to my studies…

    Take care,


  2. SF says:

    welcome back to cali, chris. did i miss somethin? why the move back if i may ask? i’d heard great things about the eugene area being near a college and nature and all that.

    anyhow if u ever make a visit back to marin (& ur sis) just wanted u to know while the sweetwater is still no more, mill valley’s got 2 pretty good music venues open now — the throckmorton theater and the woods, located at the masonic hall across from city hall.

    and yes the deuce has reopened and is doing fine. best wishes.

  3. Jim Colburn says:

    See you there!

  4. rynn says:

    Welcome back to California, for all it’s worth, hope to see you in or around San Francisco sometime soon!!!

  5. Lisa Lawton says:

    When’d ya move back to California? I knew ya couldn’t stay away long… I have to admit there are times when I too miss California. I, like you, took a leap of faith, and my husband and I moved to Georgia. Maybe some day we too will be back. I’d love to see you in concert again…maybe you could come to Georgia…I’d love to trade stories with you. Hope to see you in San Francisco as well…that’s a nice place and ya know the old song”I left my Heart in San Francisco?” Well, anyway…it’s great you are back where you belong. Tell Huey hi.

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