New Page…

I’ve added a new page called “Live Recordings” to share some of the “gig”

energy with everyone. (Please excuse audio quality, It’s a hand-held!)

This song is “Blues on the Corner” written by McCoy Tyner. More coming…

Thanks, CJH

4 Responses to “New Page…”

  1. Tracy says:

    Hey Chris~

    The latest recording from your live performance, sounded good to me!! thanks for sharing it! I love to hear the progess you’re making. One little suggestion if you don’t mind? Sing more. 🙂 I love hearing your voice! Take care and thanks again! Have a great Sunday!


  2. Marisa says:

    I was going to ask you exactly the same thing! What kind of songs do you play in a three hour gig? I see you do versions of other people’s stuff too. What songs do you sing? Please, upload one!! And a video, if you can ;-). Thanks so much

  3. Andrew Kerr says:

    Kid… Smooth playing.. man, I would really like to hear you beat that axe up a bit now and then.. though 😉

  4. Tim Carter says:

    Thanks for posting a new song. The entire band sounds great. I would also like to see a new video.

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