I’ve posted a new one on the Instrumental page. Come down to Upper 4th

 on the Courthouse Square in Santa Rosa this Friday, April 3rd from 5:00

to 8:00 if you want to hear it live! Cheers, Chris

10 Responses to ““Funkalicious””

  1. Andy King says:

    Santa Rosa is a bit far for me (Queensland Australia), but the track sounds real good through the Laptop…

  2. Debbie Parry says:

    Chris, I’m really enjoying hearing you play again. I hope you keep writing and posting songs, and maybe even one day make them available for download? I’d love to be able to take them along when I’m out and about. Thanks so much, ~Deb

  3. colin says:

    I also live in Qld Australia, but I’m tempted to get a gig real soon

  4. Tracy says:

    Hey Chris~
    I love it!! I too enjoy getting to hear samples of your new music on the computer. But I do hope one day to hear in on CD or better yet, on the smooth jazz stations. 😉 Keep up the great work!

  5. Marisa says:

    Hi Coach!
    Thank you for sharing that article with us, for the new songs, for the pics…
    “I walked away from a pretty good job,” he said. “But there’s no amount of money that’s worth it.” 🙂 Thank you for being the way you are!
    For us, poor people who can’t go to your show, could you please record at least a part of it and share it with us here? Please !!! 😀

  6. Kevin Randall says:

    Yes!! I just spent all my money on that orange MJ guitar… I can’t afford to fly out to catch a show!! I would love to see some footage of a live performance (great idea Marisa).

  7. Tawnya says:

    Hey Chris, I don’t know if it’s just on my end, but the audio on that track is distorted. Everything else has sounded great. Not sure what’s up, but thought I’d let ya know.


  8. Marisa says:

    It sounds ok on my computer. Perfect

  9. Gregory Philip says:

    Awesome tune! Love the tension. Is there a video of this floating around anywhere?

  10. admin says:

    Thanks Greg, No video, but when I am done with this remodel, I will post more music! Thanks, Chris

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